This cripplingly delicious medium 

roast coffee is a blend of the finest beans from Kona, Colombia and Costa Rica. With tasting notes of honey, brown sugar and tropical fruit, the Screamo! Blend insists that Emo never died. 

Each 12 oz. bag is roasted and shipped the day it's ordered so you're guaranteed the freshest coffee on planet earth. 

Shipping is free across the USA. Due to Covid, we are not currently shipping outside to USA. 

Raise a cup and shed a tear.

"Hands down, best coffee I’ve had since my girlfriend dumped me for the dude she met at warped tour.”

Curt Crowley

"If My Chemical Romance was coffee, this would be it."


"I was DEAD before I discovered this coffee."

Lindsey Beckman

"I lost my virginity to this coffee."

Bryan Smithwick